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Thriving on neglect: Houseplants

April 20, 2015

A physician once told me that to survive residency, you have to be more of a weed than an orchid. She explained that you have to be able to thrive on neglect, with little sunshine,  being trampled on, and with a lot of patience (which in my case comes from my loved ones who let you practice administering tests to them).

So when I came home after two weeks working on labor and delivery to find that my under-watered-forgot-to-open-the-shades house plants were thriving, I felt pretty good about the weediness of my life and environment. I felt like the asparagus fern that shot up a sprout almost 3 feet tall in that short time was in fact trying to cheer me on. Have a look for yourself!


You could maybe also argue that the pile of laundry grew as much as the fern…

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