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Cement candle pillows

January 19, 2015

Cement candle pillows1

Grisha has been busy with important home renovation projects. I have been using his “left over” supplies for a few projects of my own.

Cement candle pillows2

I mixed up extra grout until it had the consistency of whipped cream that makes soft peaks. Then fill snack bags about two thirds full, making sure to squeeze grout into the corners.

Cement candle pillows3

Squeeze the grout into all the nooks and then seal the top with as little air as possible in the bag. Then place cups or candles where you want their nook to be and weigh them down with coins or books. After 24 hours, the bags will start to feel hard to the touch. When they no longer give to the pressure of your finger, remove the weights and crack the snack bag open. I left them to dry open for another two days and then took them out of the bag completely to dry for another day. That may have been overkill.

Cement candle pillows4

Make sure to sneak these into the construction zone! How deceptively comfortable they look!

Cement candle pillows5

I also placed one into the master bath. No scratches or perilous falls so far. I would consider adding a strip of non-slip fabric to the bottoms if the porcelain is their permanent home.

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