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Book O’ Cards

November 10, 2014


We save all the letters and postcards we get. For a while we displayed them on the mantel, but overtime it was getting full. We couldn’t whittle down favorites, so we decided to put them in a book and initiate the coffee-table-book-phase of our lives. I had tried to finish this before Grisha’s parents visited because his mother is a card-making-rockstar and I wanted her to see how much we appreciate her cards.


I got my book at the PTA Thrift Store in Carrboro. Make sure it’s a hard cover book with a width smaller than the diameter of  your binder rings. I got a book whose title I liked and whose contents could be used in other projects.


For the drilling, I made a paper template of where I wanted the holes. I chose the spacing to fit the majority of my cards. Grisha drilled straight through the book and there was some fraying on the exit-side. Next time, I might ask him to go halfway through on each side to try and reduce that. Next time of course depends on filling this one up, so keep those beautiful letters coming. 🙂




Grisha has this heavy duty hole-puncher that his grandfather owned. I think its one of those beautiful they-just-don’t-make-them-like-they-used-to pieces.



Enjoy! Click on the picture above to see the book in stop-motion-action. Maybe you’ll even see one of your masterpieces!

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