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November 7, 2014

Grisha’s parents visited this week, just in time to scrub the deck clean for staining and build a heavy duty retaining wall. We sure are a fun couple to visit, especially if you like hard physical labor. We did have a few good afternoons and even got to visit the Orange County Studio Tour.


Liberty Visit1


In addition to experiencing lots of art, the tour is a good way to see rural parts of the county, who owns horses, and who has sad-pumpkin faces.


Liberty Visit3


Every year we try to visit Peg Bachenheimer’s encaustic studio, which is surprisingly very clean and filled with educational cards about the encaustic process that always make me want to go home and melt candles on canvas (it’s not that simple).


Liberty Visit2


In addition to touring, there were Oliver snuggles, tropical drinks at Straw Valley, and an epic re-potting. This plant was in the corner of the deck and had to be moved so the deck could be cleaned, go figure. Once we got it upright, it was evident that the corner provided the perfect environment for  all the leaves to grow crookedly towards the sunshine. Now the entire head of the plant is about 60 degrees off mid-line from the trunk. Perfectly positioned to give passersby paper cuts from the spiky leaves. Again, so much fun to visit.


Liberty Visit4

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  1. November 10, 2014 9:28 pm

    The power of phototropism in action! You’ll have to try rotating them until they are upright again. N

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