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You won’t ask us for a favor again

October 27, 2014

dog couch 3

We started off strong with a no-pets-on-the-furniture rule. Then my friend went to Asheville for the year and asked us store her loveseat. We tried to tell her that it would get covered in dog hair, that it would smell like Oliver but nothing dissuaded her. She left it with us. We got a coverlet just to be safe, in case Oliver brushed up against it or it turned out to be a magnet during shedding-season.

But one day, somehow, since this couch wasn’t our couch, Oliver figured out that the rules didn’t apply there. Like a neutral haven of snuggling two feet off the floor. He is almost inseparable from this love seat. And who are we to interfere? The worst friend-favor-doers ever.

dog couch 2

dog couch 1

Please show us these pictures of Oliver snuggling and sleepy and calm in a few months when my friend reclaims her loveseat and we regret that this rule is forever broken.

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