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Soul Plants

May 5, 2014

It’s obvious that Grisha’s spirit plant is the sungold tomato, but now our family is complete knowing that my soul plant is allium. Yes, the Gladiator allium.


All seven in the front are blooming in full force and I am in love. There are now more pictures of the plants on my phone than photos of Oliver. One regret about their haphazard placement –  they are right next to the ornamental onions. But the happenstance adds to the feeling that we have a purple sphere family reunion going on, with the ornamental onions making up the kids table.


And your uncle with the crooked ties? He’s there too.


And what about the distant relatives who couldn’t make it because they were planted next to the house instead of in the side garden? Well, so far only one is blooming. But didn’t we all expect that?


Is it weird that I kind of want to give them names so I can more easily refer to them?

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  1. Oliver permalink
    June 24, 2014 1:51 pm



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