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Curb appeal

March 29, 2014

All winter I’ve been asking myself what do to with that shady alley between the  sun room and the garage? It gets little to no direct sun, but is a spot we look at quite a bit. Shade garden?


I had big dreams for two goats beard bushes flanking the gate into the backyard and a trellis against the garage with alpine clematis.  I bought seeds, planted them in adorable cups and waited.


Grisha’s tomatoes sprouted up all around them. None of mine grew. I put in the fridge to “induce winter” and removed them a few weeks later – nada, nothing, nilch. It’s been about a month now, so do I give up?

In the meantime, I sought quick success in making cement orbs for the garden. I was inspired by this nook and this entrance way. The Habitat ReStore had 4 glass bulbs for $1 each. I hastily filled them with cement, no measuring, no rhyme, no reason. In fact, I ran out of cement in the middle and had to run to the store to get more.


A week later I put them in a bag and then put that bag in a box and  then hammered away.


Did it work? Eh. I apparently did not buy the same kind of cement, so one of the orbs is two-toned. Three are sort of crumbly in areas and one is perfectly smooth. That makes this a 25% success rate, which beats my seedlings.

What gardening endeavor has a 100% success rate so far? OUR ALLIUMS. I dream of lining the front of our house with allium, but when I got 10 bulbs for my birthday I worried that the front is too shady. I planted 3 test-bulbs in the front and 7 beside the driveway. And you know what – they all sprouted!


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