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Bathroom decorating

November 19, 2013

Grisha finished the bathroom and now all that is left is my job: decorating it. Our inspiration included plants and big art. For the plants, I wanted something like these and I ventured into making them myself. I got the tubing and used some wire that I am pretty sure I got from my cousin Amy when she was teaching me how to make daisy chains.


I spent hours trying to make the first one, but then Grisha, in his infinite wisdom suggested I check youtube about how to properly cut the tubing without crimping the ends and that I lay out my patterns before stringing them. Viola, the next 2 mobiles took under 10 minutes.


I decided to hang them in the bathroom above the towel rack that Grisha is making.


As for the big art, I wanted to do a rubbing of a manhole on campus that always catches my attention. I melted crayons together and trekked to campus, but my first attempt was a flop. The crayons require so much force to rub off that I end up with microtears in the paper and less detail than I envision.


bathroomdecorations6 I tried again with charcoal pencils and everything just ends up smudged. So I am at a loss of what to do, but I have not given up (because I already bought the frames….). Suggestions and solutions appreciated.

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