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Visiting Spoonflower

August 18, 2013


When I learned that Spoonflower, one of my favorite sites to pursue for neat fabric and designs, was based in Durham, I made Eitan promise to take me for a tour.



I inquired about tours on their website, but read their response really fast, so when Eitan and I showed up, it was definitely unexpected, disruptive and interrupting their day. See they give tours by appointment Mondays through Fridays from 10 to 4. I read that as they give tours everyday at 4. So when we showed up, barged in and said “We’re here for the 4 o’clock tour!” everyone did a good job of hiding their confusion. Eitan was a little annoyed that we were work-crashing their place, see the photo below for evidence.


We loved watching the hyponotic printers make all sorts of funny designs and the super hispter fabric-cutters package and sort all the orders. It felt like what I imagine the Google-offices are like, but better because it is craftier.

I was inspired by their samples to order some decals for my office door. What would inspire you to go to your office and study more: a chevron door, an arrows door or a Soviet-sweetened-condensed-milk-can door?

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  1. amy permalink
    August 31, 2013 10:19 pm

    They’re in Durham?! So cool! I love them.

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