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Worlds Most Expensive Milkshake

August 3, 2013

stove1Once I called Grisha and said “I cannot live another day without a blender to make breakfast smoothies and save me the 0.3 minutes it takes me to make some other kind of breakfast.” He went straight to Macy’s and got me a blender. By then, they only had leftover Breast Cancer Awareness Month blenders, but it worked for us.

I made myself a breakfast smoothie maybe 3 times, and believe it or not but it did not make me better at  time management.

So the blender hibernated on top of the refrigerator until this summer, when I discovered a talent for making milkshakes for Grisha. Banana, Oreo, chocolate – or all those combined. So after spending a long day shopping for bathroom vanities, sanding drywall, and shoveling mulch, Grisha deserved a milkshake. He did not deserve a broken stove top, but he got one of those too. Maybe if I helped more with sanding and shoveling, I would have better arm strength for getting blenders down off the top of the fridge…

In the picture above, you just assumed that our stove top was really dirty. You’d be right, it was dirty and but it’s also shattered. You can add sound effects to the photo of my reenactment below.


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