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Our Epic Curtain Rod

July 28, 2013


We had vertical blinds in our sunroom that I wanted to replace with curtains. Since the windows are almost continuous around the room, we figured that most curtain rods were out because of the size we would need and the little space we could put between them. Grisha saved the day by welding a continuous curtain rod to fit the room. Can you say hero?


The rod was so large that it didn’t fit in the two car garage. That probably has more to do with the Bronco in there.


2nxtnThe rod was made from electrical conduit, so it didn’t fit in most curtain brackets. Grisha made custom brackets to hold the it up.

The hardest part (from my point of view) was getting everything inside. I managed to help without breaking too many things.


I threw together a few tiebacks to hold the curtains in place when they aren’t open.


curtainrod6 I wanted to fill the tie backs, which are just long tubes of fabric, with pennies to weigh the ends down, but I discovered that it takes a LOT of pennies to get the effect I was looking for. For now I am going to leave the ends open for more experimenting. I might slip a tennis ball in the middle and knot around it. Or put jingle bells inside. I am sure that wouldn’t get old.

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  1. Elizabeth Layne permalink
    August 4, 2013 12:32 am

    And I’m sure Oliver would not be at all interested in the tennis balls.

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