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Change of plans

June 3, 2013


We used Mike Holmes’ book to make some old-fashion cut-outs with graph paper. We cut out all the standard sized showers, toilets, vanities and shuffled them around on a map of the room until we realized that we could have a double vanity, a 48”x48” shower and some shelving. Who knows what we would store there? This is what the layout would look like.

Shortening the shower was a hard pill for me to swallow (who doesn’t want an 85” long shower). We would put a half-wall between the toilet and the shower to allow for more natural light in the shower and for the illusion of openness.

Now that we’ve changed the plan, there are a million new questions.

showeroption1Above is a sketch with the pony wall and the bead board. I’m not sure whether the bead board would work with this new layout. Doesn’t it feel awkward to stop the molding at the edge of the pony wall?

If we forgo the bead board, we can put an over-sized print above the toilet. How creepy would it be to have this little guy looking up at you! We could become those kind of pet owners.


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