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Way too excited

May 28, 2013

Can you guess who was so excited about the master bathroom renovation that they’ve barely slept and scavenged the internet for all sorts of inspiration?

We’re aiming for a timeless feel in the master bathroom (we might not be here for more than 5 years). We are going to replace the vanity, but keep the same footprint in the room. We are also going to add a toilet where the door used to be to the hallway powder room.  Last but not least, we are going to replace the soaker tub with a walk-in shower (like this). I am letting all of my pent-up-creativity go crazy on this shower. My ideas are below.


We really like the subway tile look for showers – but is it too trendy? Is aiming for “timeless” trendy and will look dated in a few years? At least it would be a blank slate for anyone – since it goes with all color rugs/loofahs/artwork.


I love bead boards almost as much as my mother. I think we can paint a bold color on the top without alienating too many people.


Since we have the space (85” inches long and 40” deep), we’re going to build a big walk-in shower. Glass shower doors are pretty expensive, and if we were going to use all that space it would have to be custom built to fit. An alternative would be to have a single wall, with no door, and an rainfall shower head.


We are hot and cold about the shower shelves. All I see is hard to clean corners. All Grisha sees is practical, convenient storage. We both agree that it would be a small but fun way to add some color to the space. I’d love curvy tiles backing the shelves to contrast the sharp lines of the room (those words might be straight off of an HGTV show).


My least popular idea (according to Grisha): porcelain tiles floors. I love the ones that have wood-grain texture, but Grisha is not so sold. So much warmth and texture! But cheesy?

If you were going to try to sketch out the shower in PowerPoint because you are a) you cannot draw like your graphic-designer-cousin Amy, and b) too impatient to figure out some free floor-planing programs, then it would look like this.

I also may have registered for a free tiling class – to be truthful, I may have registered for two (Home Depot and the Tile Shop). My enthusiasm should be interpreted as excitement and terror and a little bit of sleep-deprivation.

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  1. Alan Liberty permalink
    May 29, 2013 12:31 pm

    Make sure you have enough storage for towels etc. You don’t want to have towels hanging on the door. Maybe a slightly smaller shower with storage on one end. For me white subway tiles say institutional design. Lots of choices means lots of decisions.


    • May 30, 2013 12:18 am

      I have a million billion storage ideas too. Here is a diagram.

      I like the idea of the bench for two reasons.
      A) It provides a personable level of privacy. Higher benches, more solid benches, minimal benches are interchangable depending on how much transparency you want in the shower.
      B) It also allows for changing storage needs. One day you might need to sit on a bench to paint your toe nails; another day you might want to store a plant there; another day you might want to display a basket with extra towels.

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