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Summer renovations begin with a bang

May 27, 2013

master bath panorama

bathroom reno2

Above are some views of the master bathroom. We like the size and the skylight. But there were some things that we weren’t fond of. The large tub was impractically large for showering. It shared a toilet with the powder room off of the living room. The shelving under the vanity sloped towards the wall. All good reasons to tear it down and fix it up, right?

Grisha’s friend Travis was visiting this weekend and that’s exactly what they started to do.

bathroom reno4

They found some rot in the corners where the tub had been (not surprising). They also encountered two inches of cement behind the tile (surprising). There was so much force involved in breaking it up and prying it off, they ending up pushing out the nails into the adjoining wall.

bathroom reno5

The nails were punched out of the master bedroom closet and knocked down a ledge with hooks that held a mirror and a lot of belts. Luckily, no belts or mirrors were damaged.

Below is the old floor plan for orientation. Let the interior design advice pour in! We’ll share our plan in a little bit (that is code for we don’t really have a plan yet…).

bathroom reno - old

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