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Pollen Season

April 28, 2013


For the past few weeks we’ve had astronomical pollen levels. We’re all sneezing and rubbing our eyes and constantly telling ourselves to enjoy the weather before it gets too hot.


Despite the pollen, we’ve been playing outside. Above is Oliver not really understanding how “fetch” works and running away with the ball.  Grisha mulched the entire back yard with leaves from the city and we’re waiting for it to break down a bit before we plant grass. The dandelions are not waiting.

Did something catch your eye in those photos? Was it Grisha’s enormous wood pile?


How long do you think that wood will last us? Take into account the logs piled around him that he has yet to chop. Believe it or not,  Grisha has been taking a break from chopping wood for the past few weeks to build a garden in the front yard.


Here is our attempt at putting up a deer-proof fence. We were worried that the neighbors hated it, but at the neighborhood barbeque everyone was so excited. I think they are hoping for an overabundance that we’ll share. So far we’ve got a blackberry bush, 20 tomatoes (sun golds, Roma and some big heirloom varieties), peppers and carrots.

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