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Lace Headband

April 15, 2013


I decided to update an old headband with some lace from my wedding dress scraps. First, the headband needed its scratches covered with a new coat of paint. headband3

Then I cut a strip of lace off. No measurements of course, just “free balling” as my family says when we wing-it.


Then I Modge-Podged the fabric onto the headband. I painted the lace onto the top first, let it dry, and then folded the sides over to paste them down. This gave me something dry to hold on to and helped keep everything from slip-n’-sliding when it was wet. It came out a little more brittle than before, but not uncomfortable. It even survived a cuddlefest with Oliver!


Speaking of Oliver, here are some highlights from our week.


Asking for a treat and getting a head-rub from my foot.


Sitting in his favorite spot in the world: Grisha’s lap.


Practicing to be a  Calvin Klein underwear model.

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