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Nesting Woes

April 10, 2013


My parents have a very territorial robin who has been attacking his reflection to protect a nearby nest. They have resorted to covering their windows with newspaper and keeping the shades drawn all day. It’s driving them crazy.

We have the opposite situation. To encourage more birds to nest in our yard, I cut up a scarf into pieces 2 to 5 inches long. It was harder than it sounds to unravel the pieces – the scarf was worn so much it was almost felted in some places. For color and variety, I mixed the scarf clippings with some fabric scraps and the hair from my hairbrushes.


The stringy, knotty mess is hanging in a suet-feeder just a few feet from the bird feeder. Grisha keeps pointing out that the feeder gets a lot of action, but no one ever visits the nest-building materials. I keep pointing out that mating-season is just beginning.


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  1. Elizabeth Layne permalink
    May 5, 2013 11:26 pm

    Add some dog hair! Maybe Oliver isn’t shedding that much yet, but I leave piles of dog and cat fur from the brush on my compost pile and see the chickadees go crazy for it. BTW Oliver is adorable!

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