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Washi Tape Magnets

March 31, 2013


If you have 3 minutes or less, you can make these colorful magnets for your refrigerator. Three minutes sounds like nothing, right? Well, it feels a lot if you’re getting back from a flu-filled-spring break and trying to get into the groove of school. But taking 3 minutes away from studying/cleaning/personal hygiene to brighten up your kitchen and make you smile is totally worth it.


If you try to confine your craftiness (read: messiness) to a warped metal baking sheet, none of the magnets you make will be in danger of falling off and rolling under the stove. You can even take them over to the window to photograph them with full natural light. This might set you up for disappointment when you put them on the less-well-lit refrigerator and they look like dark splotches against a sterile white background (with some spaghetti sauce stains). But you can still be happy because now Grisha’s sticker is safely secured to the fridge in style. Grisha might even remind you to print out the curbside recycling schedule and put it on the fridge! I take that as glowing approval of my use of time.


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  1. Madeleine permalink
    March 31, 2013 10:19 pm

    I love washi tape.!

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