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Whale Chairs

March 4, 2013

whale chair1

Looking for a way to dress up some ugly brown folding chairs you permanently borrowed from your parents? Look no further! All you need is some spray paint, whale stencils, Sharpies and black paint to make your very own whale chairs.

whale chair2

I did 3 coats of paint over 2 chairs each (total of 4) and ran out without really covering the undersides (but what kind of house guest is really going to look underneath the chairs?) . Trace the stencils with a Sharpie before painting. Make sure to curl some stencils over the edges to make the effect more reminiscent of fabric-covered-seats. Paint in the stencils with a ratty old paint brush and call the uneven lines part of the “charm.”whale chair5

whale chair3

Then wait until you’re home alone and precariously balance the chairs to try and get a picture of them without the rug in it. Take some pictures in front of a window just in case the balancing-act-ones don’t work out.

whale chair4

And viola, you have a unique set of folding chairs.

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