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Kayaks and Whales

January 19, 2013

Kayak1kayak2Missing photos of Newfoundland? We have some new ones to share from the underwater disposable cameras we brought. I am happy to say that I have documentation of Grisha actually enjoying himself kayaking with me (he was skeptical based on my canoeing technique) and two humpback whales. Yes, that blurry smudge of two fins is actually a mother and her calf swimming right beneath us. It was exhilarating and only took 20 photos of blue nothingness to get one with some white blotches.

whale1whale2Why the delay in sharing these photos with you? Well, we didn’t use them up and it took months to convince Grisha to go swimming with me to finish the film. Was it worth the wait? Well, could you live without this blurry photo of our feet on a pool floor? Absolutely.


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