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Soviet Stamp Shirt

December 5, 2012


One night I dreamed up making a Soviet postage stamp t-shirt for Grisha with Inkodye. I waited patiently until he was out working and then I got messy in the living room. I printed the image on a transparency and taped it down and let it develop. Well, my taping the edges before painting didn’t work well, and my negative kept curling up during development, and after I washed it out, it became clear that I hastily and unevenly applied the dye.


So I tried again with a quote of from Victor Hugo because I’d like Grisha to take me to see the new Les Miserables. I added some birds, because hey, I could live in Portland. I tried printing a negative instead because some of the ink came off on the dye during my Soviet stamp try. I developed it under a piece of glass instead of taping down the edges. It worked much better, but it was too late to try again for Grisha because he was wearing his only other white shirt.


Grisha reluctantly modeled his shirt for me. We also got a new plant for the sun room!

Next time I want to try with pillow shams. I aspire to have a rainbow assortment of blotchy-postage-stamp throw pillows.

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  1. December 5, 2012 4:46 pm

    I like the orange one!!

    Also that skit is hilarious.

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