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October 9, 2012

So many of you probably know that Grisha is a Yankee living below the Mason Dixie line. He handles the culture shock well, with one exception: constant lamenting about pizza. So we’ve made our rounds around town: IP3, Peppers, Piola, etc. and none of them satisfy him. Why? Because he believes in Greek pizza, not Italian pizza. So we’ve spent years experimenting with making “Greek” pizza in our kitchen and we came the closest ever this past weekend. This is the basic recipe:

KitchenAid Mixer and a dough hook from your Aunt Mary

DVR to pause the Daily Show

4 hands because inevitably the ball of dough will fall on the floor and have to be washed off and re-kneaded, preferably this occurs while a classmate drops by to see the house for the first time

Cheese grated without grating off any finger pieces

Wing-it sauce from any can with the word tomato on it

Fluctuating oven temp because did it say 400? Or 500?

At least one person home to check on whether or not the dough is rising (“Are there bubbles? Well, can you check better?”) every 15 minutes while the other is at work

Easy enough to replicate right?

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