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August 3, 2012

What to do about this mailbox drowning in weeds with reflective paint worn off? Will I regret if I paint the post white, the box black and just touch up the flag? Because that would look the cutest with black eyed Susans around the base. We have some chalk board spray paint lying around, so I wonder if that would work for the box? And could I just paint the post out there or do I have to take it down and bring it in? And the new numbers, should they go on the post or the box?

Clearly I’m practicing decision making with these “little” decisions before moving on to really big expensive decisions to make, like what kind of washer and dryer to get. That’s right, we (AKA my generous and patient mom) have been doing laundry at my parents for a week before we don’t have a washer or dryer yet.

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