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The good, the bad and the ugly

July 18, 2012

The good: vegetables. The number one thing we missed while in Newfoundland. You just can’t beat heirloom Carolina tomatoes for BLTs.

The bad: my ankle. I managed to twist it while snorkeling with whales in Newfoundland. Tough life, eh? (The swollen one is on the right in case my cankles distract you).

The ugly: my “house warming” succulents. Half-mostly-all-dead! Aren’t they supposed to be part of the cacti family? Why didn’t they flourish in the absence of my over-loving (read: over-watering)?

The real ugly? We had to delay our closing date to let the seller wrap up some construction. Logistically, this makes our soon-to-expire-lease and our too-much-stuff-for-temporary-storage-in-my-parents-garage problems a priority, but really all we feel is deflated. We’re too excited to move in to wait any longer!

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