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Auk-ward Encounters

July 9, 2012

Of the three towns we visited on Fogo Island, Tilting had the most accessible artist studio, Joe Batt’s Arm had the best ice cream and Fogo had the best signage.

In Joe Batt’s Arm we were compelled to visit the Auk, which was what Mary and Kath left on their “next time” list (including all the things they want to see next time they visit, obviously). Their bucket lists read: 1) the Auk, 2) the Pyramids. So, this hike and these photos are for you, Mary and Kath. Now the Pyramids can be your #1.

And the photo below shows the view the Auk has, staring off at it’s sister extinct bird in Iceland. I knew if I didn’t include this, curiosity would force you to hike out here yourself.

On the our visit to the Auk, we were shocked by the new hotel being built in Joe Batt’s Arm. Notice how the town blends into the landscape and you can barely see it from afar. Notice how the hotel looks like a piece of garbage washed ashore.

More shocking? The pricetag. Island rumor has it that rooms start at $500/night with the 2 story suite going for $2,400/night. Considering the pre-tax average income of Joe Batt’s Arm is $18,400, that seems a little steep. Maybe when all the construction’s done it’ll look better?

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  1. Mary Wallace permalink
    July 11, 2012 10:56 pm

    Thanks Abby and Greg….I can now sleep at night! Loved the ‘signs’!! Safe travels, Maryam’s Kath.

    • Mary Wallace permalink
      July 11, 2012 10:57 pm

      Oops…that is Mary and Kath!

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