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Real life bloggers

May 5, 2012

Some real life bloggers whom I know or work with or have shaken hands with:

Lauren, my roommate at Russian summer camp, who claims the credit for pushing Grisha and I together. I had the good fortune making bouquets with Lauren on the day of our wedding (purposefully ambiguous possessive pronoun), but you won’t read about that on her cooking blog.

Mikhaela, who attended Wellesley with me and who also survived the medical school application process. I live vicariously through her blog about culinary adventures.

Madeleine, one of my oldest friends who needs no introductions, who blogs music and images and life in the Big Apple.

Dr. Madanick, with whom I have the pleasure of professionally collaborating. He happens to be both the worlds best whistler and a champion/pioneer blogger of healthcare and social media.

My cousin Amy with the brilliant idea to share her positive consumer experiences online. Her blog also gives me hope that maybe my blister-prone feet are a genetic affliction, rather than a compulsively-buys-cute-but-uncomfortable-shoes condition. But Amy taught me how to shop for shoes online, so either way it might be genetic.

Did I mention that I’m in a photography class? And one of my classmates blogs?

Lastly, at an interview I met a girl who handed me her card as she told me that she was an infectious disease blogger. Needless to say I was a little intimidated.

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