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Lamp Madness

February 27, 2012

So the story goes, we needed a lampshade. One Saturday while Grisha was working, my mom helped me search. Our quest for a 17” tall lampshade took us to Lowes, the ReStore, Home Depot and finally, Walmart. And this is the shade we bought. Not exactly my aesthetic. So it lasted about a week before I cut it up in order to “fix it.”

As someone who has never sewed as much as a button, this was ambitious. But I persevered and pieced together a functional shade. Then I stopped, because it worked fine just pieced together. And for several weeks it was pinned together, not one stitch. I finally decided to finish it during the Super Bowl. Are you surprised that my plan got derailed by the halftime show?

But then I got another idea. I wanted to make a stop motion film with my new Newfoundland bulletin board. And I needed the pins, the very pins that were holding together my half-sewn lampshade. So I bit the bullet and finished it (sort of). It looks like a zombie hand stitched it while having a seizure. So it’s undone (dare I say, undead) until I can dream up some lavish finishing for the seams. But in the meantime, get pumped for my bulletin board celebration video.

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