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B Cooking

December 14, 2011

First there was the bacon-gravy, which Grisha considered an attempt to take his life – by clogging his arteries and almost irreversibly taking the joy from one of life’s purest pleasures.

Next was the bok choy – a healthy substitute for bacon, no? Not if you don’t cut it into manageable pieces and all your diners choke to death.

And my last health hazard and cooking adventure? Baklava. Tonight. I’m considering it my last attempt to cook anything beginning with the letter B. And if it fails, I will fulfill my pre-assigned duty to bring either the least-tasty or the ugliest cookie to my work-holiday-cookie-swap (my reputation for yucky cookies began with the 2-ingredient peanut butter cookies – don’t do it!) and I will never even dream of cooking baba ganoush, bolognese sauce or biscotti.

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