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Etsy 2: The Dress

November 5, 2011

And of course, the dress from VintangeFrocksofFancy. The seller often includes a story inspired by the dress, and the one accompanying the two photos above on the left read:


Dotty was meeting Fred’s parents for the first time. Dotty and Fred had been married for a little over a year and due to the distance had never met his parents. She was quite nervous as Fred had talked about his mom’s cooking since the day they met. Dotty feared there was nothing she could make that would make a good impression on her in-laws. While Dotty was looking through a magazine for recipes she came across an ad for a fondue pot. It was bright orange in color and would not only be something so nontraditional (she would have no worries that Fred’s mother had used one before) but it also went with her decor. ‘Bingo!’ she thought to herself…. ‘this is what I will have. She went to the store and bought not just one, but two! She, Fred and her in-laws enjoyed a marvelous cheese fondue with sourdough bread, onions, potatoes, steak and apple slices. They raved over the meal and were even more impressed when Dotty cleared the table and brought another fondue filled with chocolate! They dipped their strawberries, bananas and homemade angel food cake until no one could eat another bite. The evening was a wonderful success.

The story reminded me of Grisha’s family’s wonderful Christmas Eve fondue tradition. And the dress fit – lucky me! So naturally I had it hemmed short and added a belt.

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