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Photos: With Grisha and Poppy

November 1, 2011

Carolyn Scott Photography got us our wedding photos in record time. Check out her blog post a photo-summary of the day. Some of the ones below are from her full gallery, which we can give you the log in information for if you email us. My hands-down favorite part of the wedding was the huppah made by Betty Jane. Not only does it have a lot of meaning for us, but it looked absolutely beautiful. My favorite of all the wedding photos is on Carolyn’s blog, and it shows Grisha and I under the huppah before the ceremony.

Another special part of the day was spending time with my dad (aka Poppy) at Carolina Inn before walking over to the ceremony. We sat in the sun for about 20 minutes, ran into Aunt Alice and Uncle Tom, fussed over my flowers, got anxious when Grisha called to say he lost the huppah. I’m probably the luckiest bride in the world for getting to spend so much time with my Poppy before the wedding. He might not feel so lucky, since he also came to my hair appointment that morning and had to remedy my bridezilla meltdown when we forgot the pins for Grisha’s boutonnière.

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