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Rings Again

July 27, 2011

Grisha finally chose a wedding band! He opted for a titanium band with a sleek water buffalo inlay by Minter and Richter Designs in Boston. Grisha’s biggest concerns for his wedding band were nicks and scratches because his work can be pretty rough on his hands, so we were looking for something extremely durable. We went back and forth between the water buffalo and the aggregate concrete rings – but ultimately it was following reassuring words from Minter that swayed us in favor of buffalo horn:

Both are super super durable. But I think it is harder to get a natural material that is more durable than Water Buffalo Horn. Remember, this material has to be strong enough to withstand two 1,000 pound creatures slamming into each other, head to head, day in and day out, in the rain and shine. It is about as durable as you can get.

Now Grisha can go head to head with a buffalo!

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