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Summer Gardening

July 1, 2014

Grisha’s tomatoes are already thiving, but that’s no surprise. The corn is knee high (this is our first go of it so we’re not sure what to expect). In its second year, the blackberry bush is thriving thanks to the addition of bird-proof netting.




I treated myself to some plants to celebrate finishing up my second year of school. Below are the new Eryngium Sapphire Blue, which we’ve managed to keep alive for two weeks and counting.


The liatris and bee balm are in full bloom and keeping the bees happy.


It’s been nice to garden and take Oliver on hikes every morning, but goodbye vacation and on to third year!

Soul Plants

May 5, 2014

It’s obvious that Grisha’s spirit plant is the sungold tomato, but now our family is complete knowing that my soul plant is allium. Yes, the Gladiator allium.


All seven in the front are blooming in full force and I am in love. There are now more pictures of the plants on my phone than photos of Oliver. One regret about their haphazard placement -  they are right next to the ornamental onions. But the happenstance adds to the feeling that we have a purple sphere family reunion going on, with the ornamental onions making up the kids table.


And your uncle with the crooked ties? He’s there too.


And what about the distant relatives who couldn’t make it because they were planted next to the house instead of in the side garden? Well, so far only one is blooming. But didn’t we all expect that?


Is it weird that I kind of want to give them names so I can more easily refer to them?

Study Break

April 11, 2014

I take my first board exam (USMLE 1) on June 17th. To prepare, I got an study carrel in the library. It’s about the size of a closet, but has a window and a lock and I love it. Believe it or not, but sometimes it’s hard to focus at home around Mr. Needs-All-My-Attention. The space is a little drab, so I planted some wheat grass. And now I take study breaks like this:



Big Sister Duties

April 5, 2014

Eitan came home from Ohio for spring break last week. Like a good big sister and an irresponsible medical student, I skipped class so that I could take him out for coffee and a haircut.


I took him to the new salon To the Woods for  his first “real” haircut.


He looked so stunning afterwards! We tried taking some photos for his website. Let us know which one balances nerdy-physics-student & hobby-coder & trendy-site.




Eitan’s new look was so inspiring, our house decided to follow suit. Look at how well that new do looks on the garage compared to that old roof on the left!


Two aesthetically pleasing and necessary upgrades.



Curb appeal

March 29, 2014

All winter I’ve been asking myself what do to with that shady alley between the  sun room and the garage? It gets little to no direct sun, but is a spot we look at quite a bit. Shade garden?


I had big dreams for two goats beard bushes flanking the gate into the backyard and a trellis against the garage with alpine clematis.  I bought seeds, planted them in adorable cups and waited.


Grisha’s tomatoes sprouted up all around them. None of mine grew. I put in the fridge to “induce winter” and removed them a few weeks later – nada, nothing, nilch. It’s been about a month now, so do I give up?

In the meantime, I sought quick success in making cement orbs for the garden. I was inspired by this nook and this entrance way. The Habitat ReStore had 4 glass bulbs for $1 each. I hastily filled them with cement, no measuring, no rhyme, no reason. In fact, I ran out of cement in the middle and had to run to the store to get more.


A week later I put them in a bag and then put that bag in a box and  then hammered away.


Did it work? Eh. I apparently did not buy the same kind of cement, so one of the orbs is two-toned. Three are sort of crumbly in areas and one is perfectly smooth. That makes this a 25% success rate, which beats my seedlings.

What gardening endeavor has a 100% success rate so far? OUR ALLIUMS. I dream of lining the front of our house with allium, but when I got 10 bulbs for my birthday I worried that the front is too shady. I planted 3 test-bulbs in the front and 7 beside the driveway. And you know what – they all sprouted!



February 14, 2014

snowday1You have probably heard that North Carolina got some snow on Wednesday and it was kind of a disaster. Cancelled UNC-Duke game, hundreds of cars abandoned after sliding off the road, this girl’s 7-hour journey home (thank you Chapel Hill Transit for braving those conditions). The bright side? The snow totally masks the blue undertones of our house and makes it the shade of gray we were aiming for.

bloggif_52fd6ee95d57eAlso, this guy is crazy for snow. Watch him plummet towards you with the news that the world smells different and is easier to dig in.


February 4, 2014

Grisha harvested our last crop before North Carolina’s epic 2 inches of snow last week. I ate the entire crop in one sitting. Were carrots worth the wait? Worth the heartbreak of sacrificing one every few weeks to see how they were doing and feel a stab of disappointment, only to forget you planted them and find them gloriously orange and tangy? Absolutely.


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