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Scrap Exchange

October 20, 2014

Scrap Exchange1

I visited the Scrap Exchange‘s new location this weekend. You know, to make sure I still knew where I could get old National Geographic magazines, yards of stickers with the letter U and slides of strangers’ house warming parties. Just in case.

Scrap Exchange2

Scrap Exchange3

Scrap Exchange4

Scrap Exchange5

Someone will just have to visit and see if the new location is as inspirational as the previous location.

Felt pots

October 12, 2014

Felt pots1

Roll a terracotta pot onto to some leftover felt and cut out a rainbow-shaped piece that will cover it. Pin that piece tight around the pot.

Felt pots2

Sew or staple along that line and remove your pins. If you sew, I recommend not lazily assuming you can just use the sewing machine on the floor. It is a bad idea. Add a double row of reinforcement, cut off the extra on the seam. Leave about 1 cm on the bottom and the side-seam and 3 cm on the top. Deglove the pot, roll the sleeve inside out and reinsert your pot.

Purse-string sew the bottom, but let me save you the shivers and tell you that needle nose pliers and extra suture is a bad idea because needle + terracotta = worse than nails on a blackboard. Tuck the top into the pot, fill with dirt, plant away.

Felt pots3

Felt pots4


Rotten tomatoes

September 15, 2014


The tomatoes have overgrown the fence and the marigolds have finally bloomed. Unfortunately heavy rain caused a lot of vegetable bounty to go bad. What to do with rotten tomatoes? Practice suturing, of course.




I have to work on my knot tying.


August 6, 2014

Welcome the new feathered guests in our yard. Watching them has been a joy. They found the feeder almost immediately. Maybe it was because I distantly remembered hearing that they are attracted to the color red so I hung up my red clothes in the window beside the feeder and peeped through a hole (what do our neighbors think of us?!).

NYT finds Newfoundland too

August 2, 2014



Who else noticed the article on Newfoundland in the NYT Sunday Travel section last week? Thanks goes to my parents, who saved it for us so we could take a break to read it and reminisce about our time there.


Summer Gardening

July 1, 2014

Grisha’s tomatoes are already thiving, but that’s no surprise. The corn is knee high (this is our first go of it so we’re not sure what to expect). In its second year, the blackberry bush is thriving thanks to the addition of bird-proof netting.




I treated myself to some plants to celebrate finishing up my second year of school. Below are the new Eryngium Sapphire Blue, which we’ve managed to keep alive for two weeks and counting.


The liatris and bee balm are in full bloom and keeping the bees happy.


It’s been nice to garden and take Oliver on hikes every morning, but goodbye vacation and on to third year!

Soul Plants

May 5, 2014

It’s obvious that Grisha’s spirit plant is the sungold tomato, but now our family is complete knowing that my soul plant is allium. Yes, the Gladiator allium.


All seven in the front are blooming in full force and I am in love. There are now more pictures of the plants on my phone than photos of Oliver. One regret about their haphazard placement –  they are right next to the ornamental onions. But the happenstance adds to the feeling that we have a purple sphere family reunion going on, with the ornamental onions making up the kids table.


And your uncle with the crooked ties? He’s there too.


And what about the distant relatives who couldn’t make it because they were planted next to the house instead of in the side garden? Well, so far only one is blooming. But didn’t we all expect that?


Is it weird that I kind of want to give them names so I can more easily refer to them?


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